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Member prices from real wineries without commitment

As a Twenty Five Doors member, you get access to our wine club. This is a very unique wine club (read all about it below), but the easiest way to understand it is this: member prices and free delivery for wine from your favourite wineries, without being locked into minimum purchase requirements. Easy.


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1. the postcode you gave when signing up
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Ensure you have the right wine, for the right time.

Remember to use your wine club login details

your username is your email address

your password is (most likely) one of three things: 
1. your postcode
2. your mobile number 
3. everything before the '@' in your email address

Any problems contact us and we will re-set your password


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You don't want just any wine. You want specific wine. Wine you know, from wineries you love.

You know what you're running short on. You know the specific bottles and good vintages you want to get more of. You have your own memories and reasons you want to get specific wines. And you're in no hurry; you've got heaps of wine! For you, its about finding great wine so you've always got the right wine, for the right time, whatever the occasion.

This is the most interesting wine club in the world because we sell you the wine you want, not the wine we can get on the cheap. We don't lock you into buying from us. We don't need guaranteed sales. We don't care if you buy from us or not.

This is the wine you want in your cellar.

This is the wine wineries want to sell you. 

We are the most interesting wine club in the world because you get exactly what you want, when you want it, because you choose it. It comes directly from the winery and we take no commission.

But there is no guarantee what wine we'll have, or when we'll have it. It changes every month, there is only 7 days to buy, and because it comes directly from the winery, we only have super limited quantities. It's first in, best dressed.

It's like being a wine club member of the best wineries in Australia, without paying to be a member of any of them! It comes free as a Twenty Five Doors member.


What you get


Member prices
Back vintages
Current vintages
Hard to find wine
FREE postage to most of Australia
No mininum purchase
No commitment to buy
No locks ins


Buy or not buy, its your choice.

But don't miss out.



Supporting Australian Wineries

Do you love buying from, and supporting Australian wineries? This is the easiest, most convenient and cost effective way to do what you love.

Our Winery Partners pay no fees or commissions; they just contribute 1% of the price to the Twenty Five Doors Innovation Fund to invest in and improve wine tourism.

Good for the winery AND good for you.


Nothing like big box wine retail

The Twenty Five Doors Wine Club is nothing like big box - or even small box - wine retail. You will never see us list the discount you are getting (or rather, the winery is losing), and you don't become a member of this wine club to buy wine you want to consume in 20 minutes, 2 days, or even a week.

You become a member of this wine club because you want to buy wine directly from great wineries you know and have probably visited. Wineries with great cellar doors that you have heard of. You become a member because you want to get hold of wine not readily available in big box retail or online.


Bearing the torch for real wine producers

Unfortunately, wine is on a fast track to commoditisation. Some might say it has already happened.

There are many reasons for this, but one of the least acknowledged is that wineries have lost control of their relationship with the customer. Big retailers now own the customer relationship and are constantly 'innovating' new ways to sell wine. Unfortunately, this normally just means squeezing winery margins and providing a cheap imitation experience for customers.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Twenty Five Doors is an industry-wide platform that empowers wineries and consumers to take back and own their mutual relationship for their mutual benefit.



Join us

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to be part of the most interesting wine club in the world, we hope you enjoy buying real wine from real wine producers at a real price, re-connecting with wineries you've visited and finding great wine that hard is to find elsewhere.

PS - if you're looking for some help to find the best wine here each month, don't forget to check out Peter Bourne's 'Keen eye Pick'.  Monthly, on his blog, The Wine Man casts his eye over the offerings to select the gems you might miss.


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